With a songwriting style that is broad, unique and dynamic James Deane creates powerfull songs that appeal to a wide range of audiences.
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James Deane has an exceptionally rare ability to craft songs that are captivating and prolific while at the same time crossing musical and cultural boundaries. Soon after figuring out music had to be a big part of his life, James started his first band. Since then james has been in numerous groups, playing styles of music ranging from bluegrass to rock and jazz, at venues in and around the midwest. Eventually James made his way to Seattle to be part of the music scene that had begun to explode a few years earlier where he continued to play in various bands most notably "Bone Orchard" and "James Deane and The Believers".

While in Seattle, James decided to record his first album "When It All Goes Down". The album, which was performed, recorderded and produced by James is a collection of prolific songs that have a timeless quality to them. Currently james is in the process of recording his second album due to be released sometime in August of 2008.