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Crossoverllc is driven to showcase (to the music, film, entertainment and advertising industries) the best music with crossover potential in the world. We work with talented songwriters to develop their full potential and showcase their songs to the music industry for use by various artists, in the record, film, TV and multimedia industries or as a means to get signed to a major label.

With more than 25 years in songwriting, copyrights, publishing, artist development, performing, recording and marketing combined it became apparent that while the digital revolution was going to radically change the music industry one thing was still fundamentally the same! Advertisers, film makers, TV directors and Artists still need additional material from time to time when they don't have enough material or a hit single in their latest collection of releases, and songwriters are willing to sell the rights to use their songs from time to time!

So, why not cater to the style of music that is going to have the greatest benefit for our target customer (artists, publishers record companies, advertisers etc..) by focusing on music / songs that have crossover potential (songs that appeal to a wider audience). This way the entertainment and advertising industries will stand to make twice as much money from a given song because it has the potential to be played in different markets and the songwriters will benefit from the industry exposure.

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